Cynthia Toodle Campaign

 For WV House of Delegates District 62
Berkeley County


‚ÄčWhen Elected Delegate District 62 I will continue the teacher's fight for better pay and healthcare so education in my district, Martinsburg and WV will remain a top priority on the minds of legislators as well as citizens to be able to attract and retain the best teachers possible for our students. Enabling the best minds for our future in Math, Science and Computers investing wholly for success in that future, for our community!

Secondly I will support and encourage job growth in my district and community! To provide income for our families raising children, for people working their way through college, in short there should be a job available for anyone who wants to work! A job at a fair wage!

Next I will support and encourage raising the minimum wage in WV so people are not forced to work two and three jobs to make ends meet.

I will support women and their right to make their own decisions about their bodies and that those decisions are not decided by men and insurance companies for their own profit or gain. I'm Pro Choice.

I will support the Second Amendment and all rights to own, hunt and carry already put into place by the Constitution and the State of WV. I have no interest to change, oppose, or resist any existing gun laws of my State or District!

I will also support and look for ways to provide a universal healthcare for all across the state. And look for ways to fund it.

I will support the LGBT community and their rights in my district, and throughout West Virginia.

I will support medical marijuana for my District and West Virginia.

I will fight to ensure that everyone in my district and throughout the state is treated equally and fairly as designated under the law!  And that those less fortunate and without a voice will be heard loudly and clearly forevermore!