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 For WV House of Delegates District 62
Berkeley County


Cynthia Toodle Campaign

Ensuring rights are equal for every person is the vision of our campaign.

Whether or not I am on a conference call with the former President Obama as seen in the photo above with other community leaders, I still have the time, and the desire and am passionate about serving and working with you! 

A Paralegal since 1992 I have the legal background to understand and research the courts and the legal systems.

As a Paralegal I will  always fight to bring  fairness, justice, and honor to Berkeley County and surrounding area residents!  As your elected official you will be giving me the power to fight for you and your family on a daily basis to help  protect your rights. As you go to your daily jobs with the peace of mind knowing someone that has walked in your shoes is working and fighting on your behalf.!!

Vote Cynthia Toodle Delegate HD 62

May 2018 in The Primary Election and

November 2018 in General Election.

Thank You for Your Support & Donations!

Cynthia Toodle Campaign & Staff

Empowering families in Berkeley County, and across the State of West Virginia.

Cynthia Toodle a Mother and a Grandmother. Former Election Judge &

Precinct Chair. Grassroots Community Organizer and Worker.

‚ÄčReceived Certificate of Recognition from City of Arlington Landmark Preservation Commission where I served as Vice Chair from 2013-2015 

Retired after working 30 years for General Motors and Delphi Corporations. 

Empower yourself, by joining our team! 

Cynthia Toodle Campaign